ParkNow Contract in Niort is a First for France

We are pleased to announce that our innovative Premium Parking solution has been selected by So Space, the public private partnership which oversees parking in Niort, as their exclusive mobile payment parking provider. This is the first time in France that a contract has been issued to a single cashless provider for both on and off street parking.


Niort saves 1 Million and gains on user experience

Our parking solution is being introduced to avoid the costs of upgrading pay and display machines to take credit or debit card payments. As Niort’s Mayor, Mr Jérôme Baloge, highlights “Motorists don’t want to hunt endlessly for coins. They want quick and easy parking with the option of paying with a credit or debit card instead. But upgrading our pay and display machines to take payment cards would cost over 1 million euros. That makes the introduction of ParkNow an extremely cost effective solution for our city.”

Drivers and visitor of Niort will be able to use the ParkNow app to pay for parking. Once they have registered their vehicle and payment card details, they pay to park with the press of a button. After which they can set a desired end time or stop their digital parking meter in Niort by simply pressing stop. Payment will be done directly through the drivers credit card.

No parking ticket is required as parking enforcement is carried out via a single handheld terminal computer which officers use to check whether or not a vehicle has paid. If an enforcing officer finds a vehicle registration that is not on the ParkNow database, and is not displaying a valid ticket, they can issue a penalty charge notice from the same handheld device.

In Niort, ParkNow will be offered on a par with cash, with no additional convenience fee paid by the motorist. This will have an immediate effect on the usage of the system.


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Off-street parking to follow

The ParkNow parking solution will be offered from June 30th onwards for on-street parking spaces. Two of the city car parks will follow, making paying for parking easy and hassle-free both on and off-street.

Pierre Castella, Country Manager for ParkNow France, comments, “We are delighted that drivers living in or visiting Niort will soon have an easy way to pay for their parking. ParkNow is an entirely new way of paying to park which helps both motorists and those providing parking services. Already live elsewhere worldwide, we look forward to our solution becoming a familiar sight across the whole of France.”